Self Storage Security

Published on 2/13/2023

Gator State Storage is Haverhill’s premiere self storage facility and we take security very seriously and provide a number of measures to protect the belongings of their customers. When storing with Gator State Storage, here are some of the security measures you can expect:

  1. Fenced and gated perimeter: The self storage facility is surrounded by a fence and gates that provide an extra level of security and control over who enters the property. These are not your standard 6 or 8 ft fences these are ten foot fences and concrete walls!

  2. Electronic gate access: Customers are provided with a personal access code to enter and exit the facility, which allows them to access their unit seven days a week from 5 am to 10 pm and our security team can track entrance and exit of the facility.

  3. Video surveillance: The facility is equipped with cloud based surviellance cameras that are monitored around the clock to ensure that all activity is recorded and any suspicious activity can be quickly addressed.

  4. Well-lit premises: The facility is lit with LED security lighting, making it difficult for anyone to hide or engage in suspicious activity.

  5. Climate control: Gator State Storage in Haverhill offers an enormous 200 ft by 100 ft two story climate-controlled building, which maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to protect sensitive items such as electronics, artwork, and musical instruments build within a concrete structure.

  6. Facility alarms and motion detectors detect unwanted activity after hours.

  7. A professional and friendly team is available to assist customers and monitor the facility at all times living on the premises and local owners patrol daily getting to know our customer base creating a sense of community throughout the facility.

  8. Insurance options: Gator State Storage offers insurance options to customers who want extra protection for their stored items.

These security measures are in place to give customers peace of mind and ensure that their belongings are safe and secure while stored at a Gator State Storage located at 500 N Haverhill Rd between Southern Boulevard and Belvedere right next to the private sector of Palm Beach International for all your self storage needs.